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Law Office of Justin T. Wayne is capable of assisting individuals in recovering compensation for personal injury and wrongful death claims.  Whether your injury is small or large, we will be happy to meet with you, evaluate your claim, and represent you when appropriate. 

Personal injury cases are brought about by physical injury or mental anguish caused by actions or negligence of another party.  Personal Injury cases can include Auto Accidents, Product Defects, Medical Malpractice, Construction Accidents, Slip and Falls, and Wrongful Death, just to name a few.  Automobile accidents can involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any other kind of motor vehicle.  These accidents are the most common cause of personal injury claims, and whether you were the driver or passenger in a car or truck accident, or even if you are a pedestrian involved in a car accident, you could be entitled to compensation for pain, suffering, and injury caused by a road traffic accident that was not your fault.  Justin T. Wayne will make sure you know your rights and will advise you on which way to proceed with your situation.


Generally speaking, a "tort" is a civil wrong. Most personal injury tort actions are brought as negligence actions. To prove a negligence action, a plaintiff must show that (1) the defendant owed him some duty, (2) that the defendant breached that duty, (3) that the plaintiff was injured or damaged, and (4) that the injury and/or damage was "proximately" caused by the defendant's breach of that duty.


Generally, "personal injury" refers to cases where an individual is physically and/or emotionally hurt by the act of another person. Many personal injury cases arise from automobile accidents, but they can also arise from other circumstances including assault and battery, slip and falls, automobile-pedestrian accidents, and other causes. These cases require an attorney who can carefully assess the strengths and weaknesses of each case. They also require an attorney with a superior grasp of the laws of evidence who can carefully manage the evidence that is presented to the jury.


Wrongful death generally refers to the class of personal injury cases where the victim dies as a result of the injury. In addition to the typical issues that arise in a personal injury case, a wrongful death case also requires a plaintiff to prove issues related to life expectancy, lost earnings, and solace to family members for the lost victim.

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